Diamond Engagement Rings

  • The following collection showcases our Australian Made Custom Diamond Engagement Rings. At Stones we understand the pressure of purchasing the right engagement ring. We offer a lenient return and adjustment policy, where changes and swaps to the original choice can be made. Giving peace of mind that your future partner will love her engagement ring.

Round Brilliant Cut

Pear/Oval Cut

Cushion Cut

Emerald, Princess, Marquise Cut

“At Stones we take immense pride in our engagement ring collections. Our goal is to provide a balance of high quality diamonds, custom made designs, and affordability. Our Diamond Engagement Ring Collections consists of classic diamond engagement ring styles such as, solitaire engagement rings, halo engagement rings, teardrop engagement rings, emerald cut diamond engagement rings, oval diamond engagement rings, and any unique engagement ring style you wish.”

– William Stone
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