Diamond Engagement Rings

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Shoulder Diamonds
Shoulder Diamond Design
Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring
Oval Diamond Solitaire
Emerald Cut Diamond Trilogy Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Trilogy

The following collection showcases our Australian Custom Made Diamond Engagement Rings. At Stones we take immense pride in our engagement ring collections. Our goal is to provide a balance of high quality diamonds, custom made designs, and affordability. Our Diamond Engagement Rings can be made in any colour gold, any diamond size or any diamond shape you or your partner desire.

Engagements are a emotional and sometimes stressful time, let us take care of the engagement ring side, With our return policy, you can’t go wrong.

Diamond Engagement rings are our speciality and below you will find our varying styles we consider classic and our more modern styles. Our diamond engagement rings collections consists of classic diamond engagement ring styles such as, solitaire engagement rings, halo engagement rings, teardrop engagement rings, emerald engagement rings, oval diamond engagement rings, and any unique engagement ring style you wish. We highly suggest coming in store and discussing with us your dream diamond engagement ring.

Round Brilliant Cut

Pear/Oval Cut

Cushion Cut

Emerald, Princess, Marquise Cut

Cocktail Rings

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