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Conflict Diamonds

What are “Conflict Diamonds”?

In recent years, a movie called “Blood Diamond” appeared in Australian cinemas. This movie is about illicit diamonds being used to fund a civil war in the African nation of Sierra Leone.

The movie shows people, including children, being forced by the rebels to work in the diamond mines. The resultant haul of rough diamonds was sold with the proceeds used to purchase weapons, used to overthrow the government of the day. Much death and destruction ensued.

Major Industry Issue

This situation first came to the attention of the industry in 1998 at which time the major key international organizations, including the De Beers group, became determined to stamp out the practice and to ensure that only ethically obtained gems were released into the marketplace.

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)

It took 4 years to create, ratify and adopt an internationally accepted process that achieved these goals. On 5 November 2002, the “Kimberley Process Certification Scheme” (KPCS) was created.  This process imposes extensive requirements on its members to enable them to certify shipments of rough diamonds as ‘conflict-free’ and prevent conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate trade.

The Kimberley Process therefore ensures only ethically obtained rough diamonds find their way through the various levels of the diamond industry and ultimately into the hands of you the customer.

The Kimberley Process sets rules for the import and export of rough diamonds. Every shipment of diamonds that crosses an international border must be certified, numbered and sealed. It is a system that includes tamper-resistant containers and forgery-resistant certificates.

The Kimberley Process is helping to put an end to what has come to be known as conflict diamonds. Whilst we may not know exactly where a rough diamond originates, we can guarantee that it was handled through the Kimberley Process. It is therefore free from conflict and the profits do not go to supporting terrorist organizations.

Your Peace Of Mind

You can enjoy your beautiful Stones diamonds, knowing that they were ethically mined and processed.

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