Sell Second Hand Stones Diamond Jewellery, Our Consignment Process

At Stones Diamonds, we understand the need to sell jewellery such as engagement rings back if things don’t go to plan. At Stones we are happy to sell your second-hand Stones Diamonds products through our consignment service, we have a streamlined process in place to ensure a successful and transparent transaction. Here’s a step-by-step guide to selling your Stones Diamonds items on consignment:

Step 1: Product Inspection and Verification

The first step is to bring your second-hand piece back instore for inspection and verification. Our expert team will thoroughly examine the item to assess its condition, authenticity, and marketability. Additionally, any original paperwork of certificates, such as GIA certificates or valuations are required. We will verify the Stones Diamonds brand, evaluate the conditions of materials and gemstones, and ensure that the item meets our consignment criteria.

Step 2: Charges for Refurbish and Repairs

If the product requires any refurbishment or repairs to enhance its overall appeal and value, we will discuss the necessary steps with you. Our team will provide an estimate for any required refurbishment or repairs, and upon your approval, we will proceed with the necessary work. These charges will be charged to you prior to consignment listing.

Step 3: Price Agreement

After the inspection and any required refurbishment or repairs, we will work closely with you to determine the appropriate selling price for your second-hand Stones Diamonds product. We will consider factors such as the item’s market value, condition, rarity, and demand. Our goal is to find a price that is fair and competitive, maximizing the chances of a successful sale. Once the price is agreed upon, it will be documented in our consignment agreement.

Step 4: Consignment Agreement

To ensure a clear understanding of the consignment process, we will provide you with a consignment receipt. This receipt will outline the amount you will receive, charges for refurbishment or repairs, and the commission structure. At Stones Diamonds, we typically charge a 20% commission on the final sale price.

Step 5: Buyer Inquiries and Negotiations

When interested buyers inquire about your second-hand Stones Diamonds product, our experienced sales team will handle all communications and negotiations on your behalf. We will engage with potential buyers, answer their questions, and negotiate the best possible sale price within the agreed-upon range. We will keep you informed throughout the process and seek your approval before finalising any sale.

Step 7: Sale Completion and Payment

Once a buyer agrees to purchase your second-hand Stones Diamonds product, we will handle the necessary paperwork and financial transactions. We securely process the payment and provide you with the proceeds from the sale, including taking the agreed-upon commission.

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