Jewellery Repairs Brisbane

At Stones Diamonds we love doing jewellery repairs. Our customers love wearing our jewellery, and with all things, our jewellery needs love every once and a while. Ring resizing, Rhodium Plating, Claw re-tipping, Pearl re-stringing, and stone resetting are some of the jewellery repairs we do daily. We encourage you to bring in any of your concerns regarding jewellery repairs, as a simple discussion can put all your concerns to rest.

Seen below is two of our jewellers repair workshop benches, located in the Brisbane Arcade, which see thousands of customers pieces every year.

Free Jewellery Cleaning and Inspection

One of our most popular services is our free jewellery cleaning and inspection service, which we offer to all of our customers. We offer this service so we can regularly check on our customers jewellery to ensure there beloved jewellery stays sparking clean and good condition. It often shocks customers when we explain and show them how close they were to losing there expensive and precious diamonds in there engagement ring, due to thinning claws. Seen below is an example of a claw with the wear all regularly worm jewellery will experience.

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